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A Short Bio of Dr. Tarek Elgawhary

I am an entrepreneur, teacher, and philanthropist. My for-profit hours (the majority of my time) are spent advising the Coexist Corp where I am an early investor as well as running Coexist Research International where I provide proprietary research and analysis for clients. My non-for-profit hours are spent in a wide array of organizations I am passionate about.  The underlying goal of all these enterprises is to capitalize on the goodness of humanity in its vast diversity and get people working, learning, and thriving together. I firmly believe that it is in these collaborations that we can help unlock the creative power of the human spirit.

Academic Background

My path to all of this was a bit unorthodox. I spent my formal education in the space of comparative religions. I focused on Judaic studies in my BA years. I wanted to broaden this experience and obtained an MA in Islam and Hinduism. I completed my academic journey with a Ph.D. at Princeton University focusing on contemporary Islamic law. I followed this up with five years at al-Azhar Seminary in Cairo, Egypt where I took a deep dive into theology and spirituality. (Yes, I actually went to a seminary and the best way I can describe the experience is that it was like stepping into my own Diagon Alley and going to Hogwarts for five years).

Entrepreneur Background

While I always found a great deal of interest in the deeper quests of knowledge, the entrepreneur bug also bit me early on. I formed a communications company in my graduate years and through this was able to gain a front-row seat to the enormous challenges of cross-cultural communications. This business venture would become the beta-ground for the Coexist group of organizations. My true passion was unleashed through the Coexist Foundation and subsequently the Coexist Corp.

I currently spend my time between running by business, teaching and lecturing, and giving back through the various charities I am involved with.


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