We are complex people living in complex times. While we would often rather avoid conflict and differences, it is in these precise moments that we actually grow and move on to the next best thing. While we desire certainty in life, it is the uncertain, the variety, the new and unchartered that provides the spice of life.

In my personal life, I know that I have sought many, many times to go with what was considered “normal” and “acceptable” only to find myself absolutely miserable and unhappy. After many of these types of episodes, including going to medical school for a year, I came to the realization that rather than conform to someone else’s concept of normal and acceptable, to be truly happy and fulfilled, I need to create the new norm. I also realized that my eclectic background and interests was in fact an asset, not a liability. I have been privileged to experience many things, work in many fields, and study a wide variety of subjects. When I came to the conclusion that this was a blessing, “coexist” became my defining theme and mission in life.

Coexist Research International is an outlet for me to share what I’ve learned, tackle new things, and provide a way of tying the obscure and the apparently unrelated together.