Strategic Research & Measurement/Evaluation 

CRI has a wide and eclectic spectrum of expertise. From strategic communications, to polling; from issues of religion in the public sphere, to consumer goods; from CBD infused beverages to Middle East real-estate, CRI has been able to bring these experiences together in a way that is usable, replicable, and most importantly measurable. This is primarily the reason “Coexist” is our main theme/name. We are often called upon to provide this expertise by way of quick initial assessments as well as lengthier engagements that generate several proprietary research instruments. Sometimes these instruments are academic level documents, and other times they are software tools that give clients what they need to thrive in various environments

Preventing Violence & Extremism

Using deep connections and trusted partners, CRI has drafted, improved, monitored, and administered some of the world’s most cutting edge PVE programs. (click here to understand our philosophy on the differences between CVE and PVE). Our proficiency in this field includes, and is not limited to:

  • non-invasive, in-country threat assessments
  • school and mosque Sunni curriculum
  • seminar and training programs for law enforcement, intelligence, religious establishment, technology companies, and civil society operations
  • creating and/or improving training manuals for PVE programs
  • online measurement and sentiment analysis tools


Immersion is the best form of education. CRI seminars are intensive, hyper focused, and experienced driven. These seminars are exclusively led by our founder Tarek Elgawhary, and are all extensions of his focus areas: social entrepreneurship, business development, strategy, Islam, and preventing violence and extremism. Some of these seminars are long term (mostly around the Washington DC area), while others are day-long (primarily Europe & Middle East cities). For more information regarding when/where, please get in touch.

Business Coaching & Angel Investing

While CRI is our flagship commercial enterprise, many in-house projects grew into their own entities (both not-for-profit and commercial). These experiences have been some of the most inspiring for our team, and rather than let these be one-offs, we decided to turn this into an ongoing service. While this is not a service we provide to every idea and everyone we work with, we do consider 1-2 core ideas per 3-year-cycle to coach from concept to launch. If you are interested, please get in touch!